Serving Sedona, Flagstaff & the Verde Valley

All of your catering needs from one chef! Personal Chef Nicholas Di Paolo offers from the casual family style Chef’s Dinner to the finest dining Formal Chef’s Dinners in Sedona. Cocktail Party menus, buffets are also available for large groups, but no matter which service is right for you, we proudly bring the best restaurant experience Sedona has to offer.

Personal Chef Dinners in Sedona
Chef’s family style dinners are great for entertaining friends, and a convenient way for everyone to relax and enjoy the best restaurant in town, at your place!
Personal Chef Wedding Buffets & Banquets
Buffets for weddings & large gatherings. cocktail party menus & full dinners serve up to 100 guests with a full bar. So book your backyard wedding or family reunion today!
Personal Chef Formal Fine Dining
Formal menus are available and will accommodate your upscale needs. Plated wedding dinners or chef’s tastings will experience the finest dining available.


Specializing in personal chef & wedding catering we focus on serving the highest quality food. Whether a small family style Chef’s Dinner, or a multi course fine dining personal chef’s Tasting, we use the same products found at the best restaurants, and a menu always from scratch. Each dish prepared that day for just your group. Hosting a Wedding in Sedona? We specialize in bringing the highest level experiences to your wedding menu. Backyard, outdoor, or at a rented space, your food will not suffer, and that is my personal promise to you. Whether you need plated formal dining for up to 30 guests, or one of my personal chef buffets for up to 100 guests, we will transform any space you provide into the the perfect setting! A personal chef is your best catering option for the intimate focus we provide, ensuring the great memories you’re looking to create during your visit to beautiful Sedona. So whether you’re looking for a personal chef, or large event caterer, Personal Chef Nicholas Di Paolo has the best food options available.

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